What Do You Want From Your Accountant?

27-July-2020 14:38
in Business Coaching
by Tim J Seymour

You are in the market for a new Accountant


So how do you choose?


What do you require from your Accountant?


The days of dropping off a shoe box full of receipts are all but over


Digital Accounting Systems can be operated online from anywhere in the world


Some Business Owners can take care of the bookkeeping themselves


So, do you simply want Annual compliance work from your Accountant?


You have got your bookkeeping completed, you provide access to your online platform and your Accountant produces your Statutory Accounts and Tax Submissions


You pay your fee and on we go.........right?


What need more?


Maybe you don't realise you need more.........


Accountants have knowledge of all sorts of industries and businesses


Accountants have experience of dealing with all kinds of Business Owners


Most Accountants now offer an Advisory or Consultancy Service


In fact, a modern accountant, specifically one that has moved with the times into the digital world is more of an Advisor


Monthly or Annual Review Meetings?


Annual Review

After the accounts have been completed? Why? How does that help the Business plan and review moving forward? The Year is over, the Tax Liability is real, and nothing can be altered historically to change this


Monthly Reviews

This is a live, up to date review of the Business on a monthly basis

This is where the Accountant or Business Advisor as you could now call your Accountant, can get right into the Business and really have an Impact of the Financial Results before the end of the year

First and foremost is the all-important Cash Flow of the Business

A good Accountant will help you put money aside for future Tax Bills, Shareholders Dividends, Future Investments etc.

Review Profit and help to Increase that Profit

Listen to and understand the challenges the Business faces

Help the Business meet these challenges

Help the Business Owner achieve their goals

Maybe that is to improve their personal income, or spend more time with Family and Friends, or on their favourite hobby, and most importantly reduce the stresses from the day to day running of the business improving mental health and well being


Most Accountants will have monthly packages that you can sign up to

If you are a business owner that wants to improve your business, improve your cash position and improve your profit, the investment into the right Accountant for you will be a very important decision 

Make sure they use Digital Accounting Systems

Make sure they offer Advisory Services as part of their package

Talk to them, take up any free offers of consultations or eBooks, blogs, vlogs etc.

Then make an informed decision and partner up with your Accountant to work together moving your Business forward



I hope you enjoyed this blog


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