About Us

Tim J Seymour FFA / FIPA

Founder & Owner of TJS Business Solutions Ltd

Hi, I'm Tim J Seymour and I have vast experience of many businesses within many different industries. I'm a Financial Accountant and a Fellow Member of The Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA)

I set up TJS Business Solutions Ltd in 2004 and have since helped many companies grow and develop into larger profit marketing organisations with improved cash flows.

We use online digital accounting software to streamline our clients bookkeeping, leaving us free to spend our time on analysing, reviewing and advising our clients on how they can improve and get the best from their business. Someitmes this may simply be a period of transition, working through a particular crisis and other times it may be how to scale up production, improve cash flow and increase profits.

I am proud to be a Business Advisor and Accountant that has moved away from the traditional compliance high street accounting and taken the huge leap into the digital world to streamline processes and be able to spend time providing advice than traditionally number crunching.

If you are a business owner and are looking to grow, develop or even work through a difficult period due to circumstances beyond your control (such as the Coronavirus lockdown), feel free to register your interest on the homepage and we can add you to our social media groups where you will see my free blogs and info that you may find interesting and relevant to you and your business.



To get some help with your Business call Tim J Seymour:

01454 501 600