Coaching in Business should be the same as Coaching in Sport

18-January-2021 15:40
in Business Coaching
by Tim J Seymour
In Sport, Coaches inspire their players, work "pro-actively" to develop skills, create good habits and plan ahead for all eventualities.
How many Business Coaches & Accountants adopt this philosophy with their clients?
How many Business Owners send over their financial information to their Accountant after the year has ended and then find out they have a Tax bill, get told they made a Profit but they don't know where the money is?
If you own a Business wouldn't you like a better service?
How about a Monthly Review of your Accounts and (most importantly) your Cash position with plans in place to increase your Profits, put money aside in advance of Tax Liabilities and Increase your Personal Income from the Business?
All of this can be achieved throughout the Year rather than at the end of the Year when it's too late, all you need is the right Business Coach & the right Accountant and as the Business Owner, the right mindset to learn and develop new skills.
Fortunately we offer both Business Coaching and Accountancy, so take the first steps to a new partnership and a better future for you and your Business.
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